UFC Fighter Macy Chiasson Calls Out Valerie Loureda For ‘Strip Tease’ Video On TikTok

What’s her problem?

Unbeaten Bellator fighter Valerie Loureda has managed to inadvertently wind up UFC fighter Macy Chiasson this week – by Tweeting this video of herself dancing on TikTok the other night:

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Can’t see why anyone would have any complaints about that, can you? Especially the ending…

Well Macy did have a problem with it, a very big problem, and she let Valerie know it:

So whereas most of the world saw a young lady showing off her fighting/dancing skills, Macy Chiasson saw a woman encouraging misogyny and bowing to the patriarchy because she shook her butt a little bit on TikTok. Not very role model-like behaviour, in Macy’s view.

Valerie struck back:

I think she meant to say “contradicting”, but a good point well made nonetheless.

Macy responded:

I think it’s 1-0 to Valerie here, who then delivered another devastating blow:

A wounder Macy tried to counter:

Valerie went in for the knockout blow…

Take the L, Macy. Please just take the L and move on!

Welp, she asked for it…

TKO! It’s all over! Stop the fight!

I actually like Macy Chiasson as she seemed pretty cool on The Ultimate Fighter, but maybe pipe down and mind your own business on this one. If Valerie Loureda wants to shake her butt on TikTok for her adoring fans, that’s her prerogative.

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