Mac’n’Cheese Pizza Is Finally A Reality

Mac N Cheese Pizza

We’ve waited so long for this.

It’s another week and we’ve already kicked off with some absolutely dope food combinations that shouldn’t work, but really, really, really do and here is another one: the Mac’n’Cheese Pizza.

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Coming to you courtesy of Pizza Hut, there isn’t just one option but a variety too. The first (which you can see above) is known as The Classic One and features a béchamel sauce base and macaroni, cheese, cheese sauce (nicely) and onions, whereas The BBQ one (below) features a BBQ base topped with macaroni, cheese sauce, cheese, onions and BBQ sauce. They also both come with a cheese stuffed crust if you haven’t quite had enough cheese on the pizza yet.

BBQ Mac and Cheese Pizza

Looks absolutely fantastic eh? The only downside of it is probably the price as it comes in at a whopping £21.95 for the pizza, but if you’re sharing it with a couple of people then it’s probably worth it. I assume it only comes in large anyway and you probably don’t wanna be eating the whole thing yourself anyway as it’s probably 2195 calories as well. Gotta treat yourself to a couple of slices as well though.

For more excellent new food combinations, check out the cheese and bacon fries at McDonald’s. Unbelievably good.


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