Man Bet That Luis Suárez Would Bite Someone During World Cup; Wins £500

Was this guy lucky or was Luis Suárez bound to bite someone during the World Cup?

A Norwegian dude named Thomas Syversen won £500 after playing 175-to-1 odds that Luis Suárez would bite someone during the Uruguay/Italy game yesterday.

Suarez Bet

The winner said (translated):

“This is probably the sickest game I’ve handed in, not to mention the sickest game I’ve won.”

Not sure if this dude means sick as in messed up or sick as in Sick Chirpse but he should definitely be leaning towards the latter because this really is a sick win.


suarez bite

suarez bite 2

Was Thomas lucky or did he actually show some serious smarts with his bet?

Think about it — the bite is Suárez’s special move. If he’s going to bust it out anywhere, it’s going to be at the biggest stage of them all — The World Cup. It would be like The Rock showing up to Wrestlemania and not giving a Rock Bottom — just wouldn’t happen. Obviously it’s kind of a dick move, but it makes for good entertainment and this dude’s happy so at least someone benefited from it.


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