Lufthansa Presents #InspiredBy


Lufthansa have reminded everyone about the fun and inspiration that can come with traveling in their new mini documentary series.

Airline Deustche Lufthansa AG have created a new series of short Internet movies that celebrate exactly what the airline enables people from all walks of life to do – travel and be inspired. They’re also encouraging you to share your own memories of travelling and being inspired by uploading your videos to the Lufthansa YouTube account alongside the #inspiredby and a location hashtag, such as #oregon for the first episode which you can see below.

This episode focuses on 17 year old high school student and photographer named Mortiz Autz from Switzerland who is given the chance to visit his dream destination of Oregon by Lufthansa and the opportunity to photograph its wild and poetic nature in the midst of the state’s beautiful and tranquil forests. It also really drives home the idea of how great it is to travel and how trips such as these can have a lasting and even lifechanging effect on you.


The episode is the first in a new weekly series from Lufthansa which highlights different people visiting different locations all over the world for the first time, with upcoming episodes set to feature a trip to Hawaii where we discover Lars’ passion for sports as he competes in the Ultraman triathlon a visit to Hamburg where Irish skateboarder Joe Hill finds a city that never sleeps, and then across the globe to Tokyo where musicians Captain Cappa perform for the very first time, and then promises to visit cities such as Orlando, Sao Paulo and Berlin. Every episode promises to feature the eclectic character of the cities as well as engaging storylines involving the passion of their subjects.

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