Watch This Video And Be Thankful That You Have Two Working Arms

Drive Thru

Well I didn’t think I’d be saying to myself ‘thank the lord that I have two working arms!’ at any point this week but it turns out I just did. And you should too.

Drive Thru

Well I didn’t think I’d be saying to myself ‘thank the lord that I have two working arms!’ at any point this week, but it turns out I just did, and you should too.

Having arms is just fantastic. When we have two working arms we can do loads of stuff like write blog posts about having arms, or cook a fantastic Korean rice dish, or juggle some Malibu bottles, or share some popcorn with your loved one in the cinema, or wash your face in the shower with some Clarins face wash that your Mum bought you for Christmas, or spray on some of your new Tom Ford aftershave. You know, there are a lot of things that you do with your arms that you probably take for granted, so you should take a good hard look at yourself in the mirror every morning before work and every evening before bed and say to yourself ‘I am grateful for my two working arms’.

Now before you accuse me of hitting the bong one too many times this morning (well it is Friday…), let me explain my new found love for my arms. It all happened after I stumbled upon this video of a girl who has no arms visiting a drive-thru over in the USofA. Now first of all you’re all probably thinking ‘how the fvck do you even get to the drive through in the first place. In order to visit a drive-thru you must be driving a car, and in order to drive a car you must have arms’, well let me tell you a little secret: no longer do you need arms to drive a car. Yup, that’s right. You can drive a car with your feet these days. Which is exactly what this armless girl does in this video. (I feel kinda bad calling her ‘armless girl’ so I’m gonna roll with Jenny).

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So Jenny’s got the whole driving with her feet thing locked off, but how does she give her money to the person at the till? With her feet OBVZ! Damn, Jenny does motherfucking EVERYTHING with her feet. Jenny grabs the food with her feet, puts on her seat belt with her feet, she probably even EATS with her feet. Yeah OK that’s pretty gross. Anyway just check out the video and don’t forget to be thankful for your arms the next time you’re wiping your ass:

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