Louis Theroux’s Scientology Documentary Has Leaked Onto Torrent Sites



It’s only days away from the long-awaited Louis Theroux documentary on Scientology, but even so it turns out the movie has somehow ended up on torrent sites.

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Not sure who managed to get their hands on a copy, but rather embarrassingly, it’s a high quality 720p version of the film that’s sitting ready on your favourite Pirate Bay proxy at the moment. To be fair, it does feel like we’ve been waiting an age for this film, but it’s only a few days away now. If you were going to fuck up the premiere by uploading the film beforehand, at least do it a bit in advance.


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In no way am I advocating the use of illegally downloaded torrents (I swear, I’m definitely not downloading it as we speak… promise), but if you do decide that’s what you want to do, then you can probably ease your guilt a little with the knowledge that the film was funded by the BBC. So if you pay your TV license (I definitely do that too… promise) then you’ve got nothing to feel bad about.

To watch the trailer for Louis’ ‘My Scientology Movie’ and get yourself that little bit more hyped, click HERE.


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