Louis Theroux’s Made A Sequel To His Documentary On Jimmy Savile


It’s on tonight.

It’s been 15 years since Louis Theroux spent time with the infamous paedophile Jimmy Savile for his documentary ‘When Louis met Jimmy’. At the time there were definite warning signs about Jimmy’s twisted tendencies, and yet Louis and his team did not spot them or at least they weren’t clear enough for him to call it out.

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And now to make sense of his guilt over not spotting the clear signs, Louis is releasing a new documentary called ‘Louis Theroux: Savile’ as a sequel to the first. Louis has admitted that he let himself down with the first film and feels guilty that he developed “something like a friendship” with the abuser.


Understandably saddened by this, Louis is keen to disown his 2000 show and instead will be interviewing the victims and former employees of Savile, asking them what they thought of the original documentary while also listening to their stories. One woman who was abused by Savile as a schoolgirl said:

I thought: poor Louis – he’s really been hoodwinked.

Another woman named Sylvia who spent a lot of her life working on Savile’s Stoke Mandeville charity appeals is easier on Louis and admits that she was fooled by the late celebrity as well.


This will definitely be a good watch and perhaps even one of his best yet – after all, it’s not often Louis goes back to a topic, except in the case of the Westboro Baptist Church, and it will be interesting to see how Louis’ approach to the topic has changed now that he knows the dark truth. It’s on tonight on BBC2 at 9pm so don’t miss out.

On top of this, we’ve also got Louis’ Scientology movie to look forward to later this month. Lucky us.


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