Loughborough Student Union Release Worst Promotional Video Ever

Loughborough Student Union Video

When you’re watching this, you have to remember that everyone involved in making this – and that looks like a lot of people – actually thought that it would be a good idea to actually make this and then, even after they had watched it back and edited it and probably showed it to a few of their friends, still thought it was a good idea to put it on the internet and use it to promote their company. Spoiler alert: it wasn’t, and all of the people involved in the video must be wrong in the head because it’s hands down the worst promotional video I’ve ever seen.

The spot is for Loughborough Student Union and is a cover of the Naughty Boys La La La song, only with the lyrics changed to reflect LSU. I think they’re trying to get students (I think?) to participate in some of the activities that they offer although if I was trying to do that I wouldn’t do it this way as the video is all kinds of awful.

It looks as though it’s been shot on an iPhone, everyone involved with ‘singing’ in it has completely monotone voices and no sense of rhythm, style or tone and the lyrics are completely terrible and for some reason they decided to overdub all the individual singing but none of the group singing. This means that individuals are way too loud (and their lack of ability is obviously highlighted, usually to hilarious effect) and that the group parts are way too quiet and you can’t even hear what they’re saying.

On top of this, everyone in the video looks like a complete gimp and they’re rapping/singing/some awful combination of both about subjects like the rag raid and touch rugby which is cringeworthy to say the least.

It’s pretty painful watching but it gets even worse around 2:30 when some whiteboy posh kids trying to roll LSU into LLLLLLLLLSU in the actual individual parts, rather than just the group parts.  It’s just mindblowing that they thought it was good enough to put up on the internet.

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