Watch The Longest Word In The English Language Being Pronounced

Longest Word In The English Language Pronounced

That headline doesn’t sound that impressive but when you see the video you won’t be able to stop cracking up. It takes three and a half hours for the word to be pronounced and is probably the hardest word to pronounce ever.

Longest Word In The English Language Pronounced

This has got to be one of the dumbest videos I think I have ever posted on Sick Chirpse, and that’s really saying something considering how many fvcking dumb videos I’ve posted on here. This video is just one guy saying one word for three and a half hours. It’s not the same word over and over again, it’s just one word. Apparently it’s the longest word in the English language, and it refers to a kind of protein. I know types of proteins tend to have fairly long names  because it makes them sound important and scientific but it seems kinda pointless to have a word that it takes three and a half hours to say in a discipline like science. I mean how the hell are the scientists going to get any work done in the lab on the damn thing, they’ll just say its name twice and it’ll be time to ho home. It really does seem like the most pointless exercise in the history of the world.

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The guy in this video is having a really horrible time though. First of all, it seems as though it’s really hard to even pronounce the word as all the syllables sound like nothing I’ve ever heard before in my life. Secondly, he has to stop every 15 seconds or so and catch his breath, which must be really annoying and thirdly he is doing this for THREE AND A HALF HOURS. Of course, I didn’t watch the whole thing because that would just be ridiculous but I skipped through it a bit to see how he was doing and if anything had changed and it was just really lolz because he was just saying random syllables that didn’t make any sense that I had never heard anything like, it was kinda like being in that weird room with the dwarf in Twin Peaks or any other weirdass movie where people talk in tongues. It’s really great at the very end as well when he finally finishes and just looks at the camera really pissed off and then walks off. It’s also pretty perfect how it’s taking part in the bleakest looking office ever, that almost looks like a prison cell with nothing at all on the grey walls  except a clock and a fake plastic flower on the wall. It’s brilliant.

Just check out the start and the end really, and maybe some clips in the middle. It’s probably really funny to watch if you’re high too.

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