Longboarding From LA To NY: Update 7

Longboarding LA To NY Update 7

Wyoming really is as boring as we were led to believe, but that didn’t stop us getting into trouble. Again.

If you haven’t been reading about our journey so far, then check out previous updates here.

Grass. Grass and hills. Grass, hills and tarmac. That was literally all we could see for miles, and every now and again if we were lucky a few cars. Out in the middle of no-where in Wyoming, it felt like we were skating on a treadmill, and no matter how fast we were travelling we didn’t seem to come across anything new or noteworthy.

The hills gradually started to get more steep, which meant we were beginning to have a lot more fun. Then out of nowhere we came across what is known as ‘Hell’s Half Acre’, a strange area of land used in the past for various film sets. I fell behind while admiring this strange half acre, so I pushed on to catch up with the others.


It was then that both Tom and David fell off at the same time, David rolling by the side of the road coming off at about 30mph and Tom falling flat on his stomach. I caught up with Tom and asked if he was ok, he seemed alright so I pushed down the hill to catch up with David who I found pacing by the side of the road, his clothes ripped and blood dripping off his body.

We sat David down in the grass, pulled his trousers off, put water on the wounds on his knees, shoulder, and hands with him wincing at the pain. We let him sit for a while, his face a rather pale colour as we searched for his missing board, eventually finding it by the side of the road. Then David picked himself up and we carried on, a little more cautious than before.

David Fallen Off Board

The rest of the day went fairly quickly, David still suffering from his fall. We came across a lady called Elaine who offered us a place to stay for the evening, as well as somewhere to shower. We arrived late in the evening around 10 and spent hours just talking to Elaine, an extremely intelligent horse whisperer who had a very interesting perspective on the world.

We woke up late, and spent most of the day with Elaine, meeting all her horses/ponies, helping her muck out, showering etc, so we didn’t get out on the road till early afternoon which we knew meant we would be night skating. And before we knew it we were walking in the dead of night alongside the freeway – an activity that both me and David loved. We arrived at the campsite for the night in the early hours with 49 miles of skating behind us, not bad considering we had started far too late in the day.

Longboarders Hanging Out With Horses

The next morning we woke up sweating, it was still morning and yet it was sweltering. We slapped on our clothes and dragged ourselves on onto the road. Within about 5 miles we hit a dirt road. Totally un-skateable. So myself and David stood by the side of the road with our thumbs up, we caught a few lifts (the mileage coming out of our contingency fund), but we still had another 10 miles or so until the road became skateable. So we were relieved when we saw the bus come over the hill and pick us up, carrying us all the way to the tarmac.

That night Matt (from the support team) had managed to find us, not one, but two free motels in the town we finished off in. So we split up and each had pretty much our own bed for the first time on the trip. Incredible.

We all took advantage of the free breakfast the next morning, pretty much stripping the motel bare. Out on the road early, we were excited, as we were only about 15 miles from the Nebraska border! Crossing over the border felt unreal – another state down and well over 100 miles that we had travelled on our big skateboards. We also bumped into a guy here who had beaten cancer twice and was cycling 10,000 miles for the cause, amazing.

Longboarders Meet Cancer Cyclist

Inspired and motivated we pushed on, flying through the 53 miles needed to keep on track and arriving at a state park for the evening. The entrance to the campsite had a river/ford you had to cross, so I thought hey what a great opportunity to grab some footage here!

So we set up all the cameras with the Canon 5D mark ii (a camera worth about £2000 including the lens), on the ground opposite the bus. I knew it was a bad idea, but really wanted an awesome shot. The bus powered through the ford and wiped a huge amount of water with it, bombarding the Canon with water and almost washing it away.

Matt leapt into action picking it up and wiping it on his t-shirt. But it was too late, the damage had been done, and we were yet another camera down. Great.

Longboarders Interviewer

The next day was a rest day, and we had a reporter coming out to film us for a small segment for the Nebraska news channel. She was great and even let us film me interrupting Tom’s interview to shout ‘Fuck her right in the pussy’.

Despite it being a rest day we decided to do a small 25 mile push in the hope we could put a dent in the 273 miles we were behind schedule. A deficit that was beginning to worry me if we were to make it to New York before our flights.

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