You Can Now Give Long Distance Oral Sex By Licking Your Phone

Oral sex

The iTunes for oral sex.

Smartphones have been useful for a lot of things – you can check the scores on them, get instant news, send emails and watch copious amount of porn animal videos on them anywhere and at any time. However, the world of ‘interactive’ has taken one giant step forward – you can now perform cunnilingus on someone through licking your phone.

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Or at least that is the idea behind ‘O-cast’ , the new digital marketplace from CamSoda. The premise is pretty simple: someone downloads a web app that records the patterns made on the screen by licking it and turns them into vibratory patterns. Those patterns are then connected via Bluetooth to the Lush which then mimics them on its user, thus essentially meaning you are giving that person pleasure in some sort of roundabout way.

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Darren Press, the Spokesperson for CamSoda hopes ‘O-Cast’ will become the ‘iTunes for oral sex’ due to the fact you can download the vibrations off of an app for 99p a pop. The app has been tested on some of Darren’s cam girls for market research purposes and one of them, Charley Hart was impressed by the results:

I loved it. Nothing is like the real thing, but it’s great when the other person is far away.

She now plans to utilise the app in her live shows by inviting the audience to ‘perform’ on her by uploading their own patterns for her to use (for a hefty fee of course).

Currently, there are only a few samples available for download featuring titles such as ‘Mushroom Cloud’ and ‘Sensual Bath’ and it remains to be seen if anymore will be uploaded anytime soon. However, if you’re worried about the hygiene side of things, Darren has your back, stating, “If your phone screen is clean, you should be OK”. Solid advice there Darren – would not have thought of that.

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