Imagine going to an away game on your own, and then turning up and being the only away fan at the game. Meet Tiago Rech.

This is pretty jokes. 101 Great Goals ran this story yesterday about a Brazilian fan of Santa Cruz called Tiago Rech who made the journey from Santa Cruz to Gremio (obviously those are teams and not really places but I couldn’t be bothered to figure out the actual distance) on his own for the big match between the two. I imagine he expected to rock up to Gremio’s arena and have a great afternoon singing his team’s songs and hanging out with lots of other Santa Cruz fans getting behind their team as the looked for a victory. Maybe he would even make enough friends so at the next Santa Cruz game he wouldn’t have to travel alone.

Unfortunately for him neither of those things happened. It turned out that Tiago Rech was the only Santa Cruz fan who had bothered to make the trip to Gremio. To add insult to injury, Santa Cruz got spanked 4-1. However, Tiago Rech didn’t let this phase him as he told his story: ‘When I got in I realised it was just me and four police. But it was worth it. When we scored I didn’t care I was alone. I screamed and went for it. That’s when I saw the journalists looking at me. On the radio later they talked of ‘the dance of the lone fan of Santa Cruz’. It was a great day.’ Sounds like a really great day – travelling a really long way (potentially) on my own to see my football team get spanked – on my own again – and then get laughed at by all the journalists when my team scored a consolation goal. Yeah, sounds like a blast. Although I suppose when you still think that looking like Jack Osbourne is cool you probably have a different definition of ‘a great day’ than everyone else in the world.

Check out the footage of Tiago Rech below:


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