Londoners Are Demanding That Smelly Foods Be Banned On The Tube

Food tube

Can’t say I blame them.

It’s pretty gross when you’re catching the tube and it’s rammo, hot and everyone is sweating and then some moron brings on some really stinky food to just ramp up the awfulness of the situation even further. So it’s not really surprising that people are calling for a ban of food on the tube.

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The suggestion was first made for the New York City subway system after Joe Lhota, NYC’s transport boss, sat next to someone who decided to tuck into a Chinese takeaway on the tube and ended up making a mess all over him. Can’t say I blame him for getting pretty vexed about that.

Anyway, once he wrote down his idea on Reddit, a bunch of people over in England chimed in as well and said it was a great idea too. Here are a few of the comments in reaction to the idea:

People seem to have some pretty strong opinions about it right? I think that Shockmaster69 probably has the right idea about it though – if you do want to eat on the tube then just make sure you’re considerate to those around you and don’t make a mess/stink the place up. Pretty standard way to live your life really.

Despite the ruckus caused in these comments, TFL have confirmed that no such ban is even being seriously considered, so if you were actually thinking it was a good idea then it’s going to be a long time before anything like that is implemented.

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