London ‘Rich Girl’ Artist Victim Of Huge Internet Backlash After Mocking Builders On Instagram

Rich kid.

A South London artist named Hetty Douglas has sparked outrage online after she was caught mocking a group of workmen on social media.

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The post shared a picture of the men queuing in McDonald’s with the caption:

These guys look like they got 1 GCSE.

Yeah and it looks like you don’t know how to use grammar, Hetty.


This has caused a huge backlash for a number of reasons, one of them being that her art work has sought to project a working class vibe.

Back in 2015 Douglas had posted a snap of herself holding a job centre booklet. Looks like it was all for show.


Twitter users also pointed out a comment she made to Dazed Digital back in July:

I think as long as we are kind and gentle to others and, more importantly, ourselves then everything is bless.

It infuriates me that she’s happy to portray herself as all inclusive and use the working class to her advantage, but when it comes down to it she considers herself to be superior. Hopefully now that the story has gone viral and Hetty is facing a barrage of abuse, she will sit down and really start to think over her views on her work and society as a whole.

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