London 2012 – The Other Side

Shit London Olympics - Gentrify This Small

Not everyone is super excited about this Olympic 2012 thing that’s going on. I’m not. Here’s some pictures from London to show you the other side of it…..

Shit London Olympics - Gentrify This Small

Here at Sick Chirpse we’ve got our beady eyes on the Olympic Games, but our brains are in neutral. We’re not too arsed about them. The benefit of a global event though, is that everyone has their beady eyes on it too, everything is documented. And thanks to this world wide wonderful web we all get to see through everyone else’s beady eyes at the drop of a click. Here are some piccies from Londoners that I nabbed from this pretty decent blog.

An Olympic car wash? Yes please, I bet they are awesome:

Shit London Olympics - Car Wash

This was spotted in Hackney Wick, a stone’s throw from the big ass developments, but it only existed for about 24 hours before the Olympic white wash Nazis descended.

Shit London Olympics - Gentrify This

Vampyres hey? They get everwhere don’t they these days. Bloody True Blood. They can not be trusted. End of story. They drink blood for fucks sake. Olympic Vampires or otherwise.

Shit London Olympics - Vampyre

Some mad kamikaze graffer managed to sneak a little raised middle finger amongst the banality, somehow avoiding their lazer guns and night vision.

Shit London Olympics - Ugly

Shit London Olympics - Sex Tours

Good luck visitors to London, this is what you are going to have to contend with. Nothing but confusion and contradiction I’m afraid.

Shit London Olympics - Olympic Park Directions


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