Logan Paul Shares The Footage Of Him Almost Dying In A Skydiving Accident

Logan Paul Parachute


A lot of people were pretty happy last week when it emerged that Logan Paul had almost died in a skydiving accident as many people out there think he’s a completely trash human, but the most surprising thing about the incident was that he hadn’t uploaded a video of it yet.

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Of course, it wasn’t going to take too long for it to be happen and you can see the results below and to be fair to the guy it just look pretty goddamn dangerous and dramatic. The vlog itself is about 15 minutes long but skip until the ten minute mark-ish to get to the good stuff (I didn’t watch the rest but I’m sure it’s Logan Paul’s usual inane antics):

Damn – that looks like something out of a Hollywood action movie eh, especially when you watch it in real time. Pretty exhilarating stuff, even if it is a Logan Paul video.

Unfortunately, there’s pretty much no doubt in my mind that this is completely fake and even if it was actually Logan Paul up there doing the skydive, I’m almost 100% sure that they rigged the first parachute to fail and taught him extensively how to use the backup one so that the video would come out like this and he would get a tonne of traffic. Asshole.

I guess in this respect I’m part of the problem as I’m sharing the video too, but what can I say? Guess I needed the traffic too. Ugh.

For more of the same, check out Logan Paul’s latest dumb tweet. Really, really, stupid.


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