Here’s A Load Of Information That Was Missed Out Of The Madeleine McCann Documentary

There’s even more to it.

Love it or hate it, everyone is talking about Netflix’s Madeleine McCann documentary and at least 25% of the world is posting their own Twitter threads where they claim to have figured out exactly what has happened to her. Crazy that they can do that when they’re just sitting at home and digging around on the internet for clues when a billion pound operation has been going on for 12 years to try and solve it, but there you go.

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Most of these threads are predictably bunk – or are just one extra message saying ‘she’s dead’ or ‘the parents did it lol’ – but one that is getting some traction is this one from some guy called Josh Frd, which he claims contains a whole bunch of information that was left out of the documentary. If nothing else it is at least an interesting read, so take a look below and see what you think:

I mean yeah, a lot of that stuff is coincidence and not really proveable, but a lot of it does have some hard evidence to back it up. Unfortunately, anyone who has watched the documentary will know that there are some inconsistencies with this dude’s theory – the DNA discovered by the dogs wasn’t 100% Madeleine’s it was something like a 60-70% match – but there’s no denying that this is another interesting hot take on the whole situation. Whether it will ever be proven right or wrong is anyone’s guess though.

For more of the same, here’s another conspiracy theory that’s doing the rounds that people seem pretty into as well. So much going on with it.


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