Livestream Gamer Loses The Plot When Girl ‘Accidentally’ Flashes Boobs During His Show

When gaming is life.

A Twitch streamer by the name of Kaitwan13 caused a bit of bother this week when she “accidentally” flashed her boobs during another user’s live stream, causing him to freak the fuck out because it meant his channel would get a temporary suspension.

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Streamer Genietfan, whose real name is Vincent Naeri, faces a 30 day ban on his channel as punishment for Kaitwan flashing her boobs.

Watch below:

Kaitwan has since apologised:

In response, Genietfan has accepted her apology but has also made it clear they can no longer be friends.

I know there are some hardcore gamers about, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen one as dedicated as Genietfan. This dude completely spazzed out the second he noticed Kaitwan’s titties were out. I mean it’s just insane that this Seth Rogan-looking gaming nerd could have a horrified reaction to a girl that looks like this flashing her boobs at him:


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That should have been the greatest moment of his gaming career/life but nope, not fussed in the slightest. At least the other gamers looked like they enjoyed it.

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