Live Footage From Threatin’s Fake European Tour Has Finally Emerged

If you missed heading down the rabbit hole with Threatin on Friday then boy are you in for a treat when you start reading it. It’s literally crazy.

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Anyway, I’m gonna assume that you know all about the story of how this guy booked himself a European tour that literally nobody attended. One hole in the story though was the fact that nobody had any footage of what any of the shows were like.

Now obviously there was hardly anyone at any of them, but you would have thought that someone would have filmed it because it was so comical. And that they did, as the first footage from the gigs has finally been uncovered.

Check it out below but be ready to have your mind blown:

I mean yeah, I’m not really sure why I thought that was going to be anything special or anything, it’s just a bunch of people playing to nobody which I’ve sadly seen and done myself many times before.

It’s kinda funny they have that massive backdrop though isn’t it? Used to love it when some dickheads showed up like that and thought they were complete big shots, only for them to completely suck and play to nobody.

As for the level of musicianship and performance I suppose it’s kind of what was expected again as well. They’re capable musicians, although I don’t really think that was ever in doubt really was it? Just a shame Jered used all his time to build an elaborate fake persona rather than just promoting his own one. Weird.

If you missed the whole Threatin nonsense, then click here but be prepared to head down the rabbit hole. It’s a long way down.


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