This Little Kid Crying Over The State Of The Environment Really Needs To STFU (VIDEO)

Welcome to the real world, kid.

This little kid is going viral this week after breaking down in tears over the damage humans are doing to nature around them.

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His school teacher showed his class a video about the harmful impact people are having on the environment and it completely blew this kid’s mind. When his mum picked him up from school the little guy wouldn’t shut up about it.

Watch below:

Oh boo fucking hoo mate. Being a 6-year-old who cares about the environment is sooooo hard. Actually thinks he’s going to grow up and save the planet. Well sorry young man but that’s not how being a grown-up works. You know how we all wanted to be astronauts or princesses or movie stars when we got older? Guess what? None of us became any of those things. Because we need to pay rent and tax and such. Same thing’s going to happen to this little hippie. Thinks he’s going to save the world and all the animals in it but we’ll see what happens when he graduates from uni and realises the debt just keeps on coming from there.

Disclaimer: Just having a laugh, hope he proves me wrong.

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