Little Girl Mistaken To Be Skunk Shot By Family Member



Skunk Fight New Sewickley - Shooting

I’m against members of the public owning guns, I’m against cops and robbers holding guns. I suppose I’m kind of against guns as a general rule. I’m no hippy, it just seems to me that giving powerful weapons out to people willy nilly, regardless of whether they are stupid as fvck or not, is a little careless.

As we all know, gun laws are a bone of contention in the US, and they always will be. Basically, if there are more guns in circulation, there is much more likelihood of people being shot. I mean that’s just pure simpleton logic.

So anyway, there’s a family Halloween party in Pittsburgh and a girl gets shot by a member of her own family. Brilliant. This is a quote from the LA Times:

(the little girl was) wearing a black hat with a white tassel, was hiding over the edge of a hill outside the house where the party was taking place when she was spotted by a relative about 8:30 p.m. Thinking the distant figure was a skunk, he fired a shotgun”

New Sewickley Skunk Shooting - 376 Brewer Road

Unbelievable. Should people be shooting at anything when there’s a party near by? No. I’m sure skunks are a pest, but jeeeeez, wait for the area to clear before you start to unleash the beast. Also it was reported that there were multiple shots fired… and allegedly he was sober.

Latest reports confirm that a lady called Janet Grant told her son Thomas Grant (both relatives of the punctured child) that there was a skunk nearby and asked him to shoot it. She held the torch, he aimed the gun and KAPOWEE.

New Sewickley Skunk Shooting - 376 Brewer Road - Incident

The girl was taken to a hospital in Pittsburgh after the incident on Saturday night in New Sewickley Township (that’s in Beaver County, just so you know). She’s still in a critical condition. Hopefully the 9 year old will be ok. But, I mean, even Fiddy Cent ain’t got over bein’ popped yet, and he is solid. So what hope does she have of ever possessing a fully leveled brain after that?

New Sewickley Skunk Shooting - 376 Brewer Road - Arial View

Charlton Heston, among many, have always paraded gun ownership as a human right. Here’s the famous, and still chilling, crescendo from his NRA speech in 2007:

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In a survey earlier this year it was shown that there were 88 guns in ownership for every 100 Americans!!!!!! I don’t like to use exclamation marks too often, I think they are a cheap excuse for not writing well enough, but 88 guns per 100 people???? OMG!!!!! Second place goes to Yemen with just 54 guns per 100 peeps.  It turns out that even though the USA accounts for just 5% of the world’s total population, they own 35—50% of the world’s civilian-owned guns, that’s around 270 million civilian owned guns. That is a butt and a half load of glocks.

Anyway, rant over. Just can everyone be nice to each other please, and stop shooting shit yeah? It’s not a lot to ask is it? I say: spud guns rather than MKs and bath bombs instead of actual bombs…. maybe I’ll get some posters made up… that’s a pretty catchy slogan. No?

spud guns rather than MKs and bath bombs instead of actual bombs



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