Literal Celebrities

Alan Sugar Literally

A look at what celebrities would look like if they existed in their literal form.

On a Saturday night, about a month ago, I had absolutely nothing to do; sick of wasting every penny I earn on moonshine, and with even Facebook not giving me sufficient entertainment, I decided to visit 4chan. After about 25 minutes of sifting through the misanthropy-fuelling content that makes me lose faith in humanity, I came across a pretty dumb image of Nicolas Cage…that is the head and arms of Nicolas Cage, with an actual cage for his body. I was curious, so I clicked for more.

On the following page I found a wealth of celebrities in their literal form; from Nicolas Cage and Tom Cruise, to Vin Diesel and Michael J. Fox. As I’m sure you can work out, those with an appropriate surname; become their surname. The image above, for example, literally depicts Alan Sugar as a few blocks of sugar.

These images are surely made by people, who not unlike myself, might have a bit too much spare time on their hands; but I found this so incredibly stupid that it verges on brilliance. Here is a collection of various literal celebrities from many corners of the internet. Enjoy.

  • Nicolas Cage


  • Tom Cruise


  • Halle Berry


  • Brad Pitt


  • Michael J. Fox


  • Steven Seagal


  • Vin Diesel


  • Edward Norton


Pretty dumb right?


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