Linkin Park’s Carpool Karaoke Filmed Days Before Chester Bennington’s Suicide Has Been Released

Chester Bennington

Filmed just six days before Chester Bennington’s suicide.

I wouldn’t normally ever post about Carpool Karaoke on Sick Chirpse because I think James Corden is a bit of a pleb, but the fact that this one was filmed just days before Chester Bennington committed suicide means that it’s worth a mention.

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I’m sure you know the format by now even if you’re not a fan of it like me – a bunch of famous people get interviewed whilst driving around in a car and singing their own songs with Corden – but this is slightly different as it’s Apple Music’s version of the show. This means there’s no James Corden which is absolutely awesome and I’m also fairly sure that they’re not actually driving and it’s a blue screen too, but it still works. Probably better than the Corden version to be honest.

In the episode – which was released with the blessing of Chester’s family and bandmates – the singer is joined by Mike Shinoda and Joe Hahn from his band alongside actor Ken Jeong. They belt out a few classic Linkin Park tracks as well as ‘Hey Ya’ by Outkast and a few other solid gold hits. It’s definitely worth a watch:

Wow. It’s kind of crazy to think that Chester killed himself six days after this was filmed considering how happy he is and how he seems to be having a lot of fun. This should only serve as a warning that depression doesn’t actually have a face though and can strike at any time, no matter how normal and OK someone seems.

If you need any more evidence of this, check out another video of Chester just days before his death laughing and joking with his family. RIP.


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