Linkin Park Call The Police On Sublime With Rome For Smoking Weed Backstage

What the hell? Sublime With Rome are accusing Linkin Park of calling the cops on them for smoking weed backstage at their show.

What the fuck? Sublime With Rome have sent out some Tweets accusing Linkin Park of calling the police on them after they were smoking weed backstage at the ‘KFMA Day 2014’ in Tucson, Arizona on Saturday. The Linkin Park boys claimed they were ‘allergic’:

Worst group of all time? You’d have to be to actually call the cops on another band for smoking weed, and claim you’re ‘allergic’ to it on top. What kind of rock band do they think they are? Should be absolutely ashamed of themselves. No one ever invite Linkin Park to any parties, ever, unless you want them to completely ruin the night for everyone.

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