Lindsay Lohan Got Punched In The Face After Accusing Parents Of Trafficking Their Children

Lindsay Lohan Live

Not really surprised to be honest.

Lindsay Lohan was one of the most troubled Hollywood celebrities for a while, but it seemed like in recent times as if she had managed to sort her shit out. Then the video below came out.

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In the Instagram Live post that she shared over the weekend, Lindsay is apparently in Moscow and to say that her behaviour is somewhat bizarre would be kind of an understatement. The video starts with Lindsay heading out of her car and over to an Arabic family, who she then confronts and accuses them of being bad parents and offering them a place to stay for the night.

The situation then becomes even stranger when Lohan suddenly switches and accuses the family of trafficking their children and tries to take them off their parents; this only leads the mother to punch Lindsay in the face. If that sounds completely and utterly weird then wait until you watch it happening as well:

I mean yeah I haven’t really got a clue what the hell is going on there or why she would choose to Instagram live it to all of her followers? Or why she thought that it would be a good idea to even take this course of action in the first place, even if she wasn’t going to broadcast it the world? Really really weird and surely not the activity of someone who’s in possession of all their marbles. Weird.

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