Lindsay Lohan Uses Special Electronic Glasses To Get High

Lindsay Lohan may be sober now, but she’s still getting fucked up

It’s becoming a Sick Chirpse tradition to make fun of stupid celebrities doing stupid stuff, with recent victims including Glen Johnson, Miley Cyrus and Justin Beiber. Now it’s the turn of everyone’s favourite gutter skank Lindsay Lohan.

Lindsay’s history of being in and out of rehab is fairly well documented, so the collective breath of Hollywood gossip sites was held upon news that she was heading to a bizarre electronic halloween themed party last week. Allegedly Lohan didn’t drink though.

However, she did manage to get high through those crazy electronic glasses she was wearing. Apparently you’re supposed to wear the glasses with your eyes closed, and lights placed within the frames flash onto your closed eyes to the beat of the music creating a ‘tripped out effect.’ Far out. Surely when these glasses become widely available in the marketplace they’ll be giving Lady Gaga’s bizarre prototypes a run for their money?

So, what have we learned from this? Lindsay Lohan is awesome at getting wasted and isn’t afraid to push boundaries and experiment with new technology to get to that level. My kind of girl.



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