Lindsay Lohan’s List Of Demands To Appear On Russian TV Are Absolutely Ridiculous

Is this girl for real?

Fresh off ending terrorism with her Instagram tribute to the victims of the 2016 Istanbul bombing, Lindsay Lohan was invited to appear on the most popular TV talk show in Russia – “Pust govoryat.”

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The host wanted to interview Lohan about her relationship and break-up with ex-fiance Egor Tarabasov.



Well TMZ managed to get their hands on a copy of Lindsay Lohan’s list of demands, which she sent over to Channel 1 – the state-owned station that airs the show.

Here’s what she was after:

— a private jet

— security

— 1 year Russian visa with extension

— 500,000 British pounds

— hair, makeup and manicurist on board jet

— Ritz-Carlton penthouse suite

Oh, and one more thing:

–  Meet Vladimir Putin and get photos with him

Apparently Lindsay is still negotiating, and some of the demands have been met.



You’d think Lindsay would be happy to just get on TV at this point but nope, still driving a hard bargain. You don’t get if you don’t ask after all, and I get the feeling Lindsay Lohan usually gets what she asks for. This time however I’d be surprised if she got every item on that list. Maybe she’ll get the private jet and the hotel room but I wouldn’t hold out on the rest of it.

As for Russian TV wanting to know about her relationship with her Russian ex, maybe this footage of him attacking her might help.


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