Lindsay Lohan Is Getting Destroyed On Social Media For Blaming Anton Yelchin’s Death On ‘Hollywood’

What is she going on about?

The other night news broke that 27-year-old Star Trek actor Anton Yelchin had been killed in a freak accident at his home in LA.

If you haven’t heard – he had left his car in neutral at the top of his driveway which is on a fairly steep incline. For some reason he exited his vehicle and headed down to the security gate, at which point the car rolled down the driveway and crushed him against the gate.

Just an absolutely shocking and tragic waste of life for a young man with his whole life and career ahead of him.

For some reason though, Lindsay Lohan hasn’t grasped the concept of “freak accident” and decided to blame Anton’s death on ‘Hollywood’. She didn’t elaborate, so no one has a clue what she’s going on about or if she even knows the details behind Anton’s death.

Here’s the message Lohan put out:


And the backlash that followed:

When I first got the alert on my phone that ‘Star Trek actor Anton Yelchin dies in car accident’, my first thought was that he was probably high/drunk and ended up Paul Walker-ing himself. I guess that’s what Lindsay Lohan thought happened too? Except she didn’t bother looking at the details before trying to blame Hollywood for everything.

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