LIFEHACK: Here’s How To Turn Your Fridge Into An Ice Cold Wine Dispenser


Pure genius.

In an attempt to salvage this shitty year a little bit, a woman named Clare from Manchester decided to use her genius and provide us with the most incredible alcohol hack ever created.

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This wonderful woman, who is a beauty marketing manager by day and blogger by night, has figured out how to turn her fridge into a cold wine dispenser.

Her trick is so simple and yet completely life changing. All you have to do is fill the water tray inside the fridge with a bottle of white wine and watch as it dispenses icy wine on the other side.

It’s insane that no one thought of this earlier, but then I guess it takes a truly innovative mind to spot it. The internet was inevitably astounded and grateful:

Clare – I think you deserve a ‘Woman of the Year’ award for this. Even more so than Bono.


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