Lidl Are Selling A New Pan For £12.99 To Cook The Perfect Full English Breakfast

Lidl Pan

Neat idea.

I’m not gonna lie, it can be really annoying when you’re hungover AF on a Saturday and you decided to cook that beautiful Full English but you have to use multiple pots and pans at different times and temperatures to get it right – it can be really stressful, especially if other people are counting on you to get it right.

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Thankfully though the light at the end of the tunnel that is Lidl are here to help you with their latest product – a massive pan that divides up all the different items in the Full English up into their own little sections so you don’t have to worry about crossover or cleaning up multiple kitchen utensils afterwards. Kinda genius right?

Lidl said the following about their new pan:

Lidl Pan

With dimensions of W26.5 x L33cm, this multi-section frying pan is of ‘high-quality’ non-stick coating and suitable for all hob types.

You’ll be able to cook a delicious English breakfast without having to wash up multiple trays and pans afterwards.

Yeah, sounds like it’s going to achieve exactly what it set out to do. It’s not exactly cheap at £12.99, but if you’re planning on making more than a few Full English breakfasts in your time then it’s probably worth your investment.

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