Lidl Is Now Selling Duff Beer For £1.25 A Can

The Simpsons’ legendary beer is now available to actually buy.

Duff beer is synonymous with The Simpsons as Homer drinks one in pretty much every episode and I’m sure everyone that has ever seen The Simpsons (i.e. everyone) has at some point in their lives wondered what it tasted like.

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Well, after about 27 years we’re finally going to get to try it out and it’s all thanks to Lidl. The budget supermarket has once again stepped up to deliver us an amazing bargain, announcing that they’re going to be selling Duff beer for £1.25 a 500ml can all summer long.

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The beer itself is brewed in Germany by the Eschwege Monastery and has been described as a Pilsner topped with a white head. It clocks in with 4.9% alcohol and features aromas of malt, cereals, caramel, straw and herbaceous notes, which in all honesty sounds kinda minging to me. Maybe that’s your thing though – it’s certainly Homer Simpson’s.

Reviews of the beer so far have been kind of mixed but you really do have to pick one up just because it’s the legendary Duff beer. Maybe stifle your expectations though so if it is really rank when you take a sip you don’t get really disappointed. Just trying to help you out here.

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