Liam Gallagher Interrupts Vincent Kompany’s Press Conference

All my people right here right now, you know what I mean?

So everyone who likes football probably tuned in last night to watch the Manchester United vs Manchester City game and see Vincent Kompany score the only goal of the game with a banging header from a corner, which was the highlight of what could otherwise have been described as a fairly scrappy and uneventful match. It also meant that the title is PROBABLY going to end up in the blue half of Manchester this season, which is what probably everyone in the world wanted to happen except Stephen Winspear. Still, the way the title race has gone so far you could probably say that anything could happen between now and the end of the season and it wouldn’t be too inaccurate.

Anyway, if you watched all the game you probably saw Liam Gallagher and Diego Maradona celebrating at the end too. But did anyone see Liam Gallagher interrupt Vincent Kompany’s news conference after the game?  It’s probably more entertaining than the actual game. Neither were really that great though, Liam Gallagher wins by default though as it’s about 90 minutes shorter than the actual match.

Check out a video from it below:

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