Lethal Bizzle Has Been Referred To A Mental Institute



Lethal Bizzle has been referred to a mental institute. OK he hasn’t really, but he should be, the guy’s absolutely fvcking insane. The video below was uploaded by Lethal Bizzle onto YouTube just over a week ago (sorry guys, we’re lean up all day and party all night so we tend to write about things a few days after they’ve happened, unless we’re on a laptop as they’re happening, like when Gary Neville shot his load over Torres last night) and it’s one of the funniest things we’ve ever seen. Throughout, Lethal talks about how he’s lost his phone, which he blames on the DVLA and a tramp wearing Ascot trainers ‘like the ones your P.E. teacher user to wear’, and the trouble he goes through trying to get it blocked/cancelled. Throughout the video Lethal most definitely has tourrettes as he lets off some rather strange noises at random. Amongst these noises Lethal also says ‘dench’, ‘leave it – yeah’ and ‘two twos’ repeatedly. I’m not too sure what the noise is all about, is that some new street slang type thing? Like saying ‘get me’ after everything? Anyway enough of our chat, just watch the video, it’ll be the best 7 minutes you’ve spent today:

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Lethal plugs his online shop in the video,, which sells t-shirts with his tourette like catchphrases on. The t-shirts look pretty whack to be fair and the pictures aren’t even of real photos, just of a stock photo of a t-shirt with the image file layered on top. Maybe if Lethal reads this post though he’ll send us some signed t-shirts to give away in a competition or something, hit us up if you’re down with that Lethal: @SickChirpse

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