Lesson: Don’t Park Here

road rage

Guy in Greece completely loses it after being blocked in by another car. Road rage, ahoy!

road rage

Probably one of the worst things about driving is sharing the same road as inconsiderate, shit drivers. (And running out of petrol.) We’ve all seen them. Whether it’s boy racers who think it’s cool to cut you up in the middle of rush-hour, arrogant as fvck people who think it’s your duty to let them in even when you’re going pretty fast and then you have to brake like fvck as they amble out of the junction, or really shit drivers who swerve and brake and pull in whenever they fancy without so much as a signal. We’ve all seen drivers like these. And we all fvcking hate them.

Another thing that really pisses me off is when I’ve parked up somewhere, like outside a Tesco‘s or whatever, and when I come back out some cunt has parked in front of me, blocking me in/parked at a really weird angle so I can’t actually get in my car/has parked so close to me they’ve scratched the fvck out of my car – but of course you never see these people who scratch your car; they don’t even leave so much as an apology note – and they’ve fucked off before you see the £ sign’s flying out of the scratches.

Maybe it’s just me. Maybe it happens to me because I’m just a prick, which is probably the right answer, or maybe I was born at the wrong time. Or maybe I’ve got a bad case of road-rage. Just like this guy.

When I was on about being blocked in by people, I’ve never actually had it as bad as this guy. I can only have an inkling of how he’d feel, but given his reactions he’s pretty pissed off about it. Mind, wouldn’t you be? If somebody had literally BLOCKED me in I’m not so sure I’d do what this guy does but if I hated my wheels as much as him, anything can be possible, right? Or perhaps it’s normal in Greece. I dunno.

Basically, he comes out of this block of flats and sees he’s completely blocked in by this pretty newish car. His car looks like something out of the Playstation game, Driver. Awesome game. Anyway, his car is old and pretty ugly. So, instead of waiting to see if someone’s going to move the car, he gets in his car and rams the other one until he can get out. Denting his car at the same time, and the other vehicle next to him (which was parked normally) he eventually manages to get out of the space, after hitting the car in front of him so much that its number plate falls off. He then just drives off like a pro. It’s road rage at its best, and the guy seems to be a bit fvcking mental. Or/and desperate.

Yo, never park in front of anyone after watching this. Unless you’ve got £ to burn on a new grill, axels, numberplate, whatever. Or, at the very least, don’t park in front of someone in Greece.

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