Everyone always talks about leaving a funny inscription on their tombstone but I never heard of anyone who actually did it. Until I saw Leslie Nielsen’s gravestone that is.

Everybody knows that Leslie Nielsen died late last year from complications due to pneumonia and everyone was pretty sad about it because everyone loves Leslie Nielsen right, thanks to his roles as ‘the straight guy’ in movies such as Airplane, Spy Hard and Naked Gun. Don’t call me Shirley right? Surprisingly, Sick Chirpse didn’t really post anything about his death which was kind of odd because nobody really likes Pete Postlethwaite or even really cares about him yet I talked about my 5 favourite Pete Postlethwaite movies when he died and did the same for Jean Claude Van Damme when he had a heart scare that he categorically denied. That reminds me, I still need to watch that movie JCVD and review it for the site. I said I was going to do that 6 months ago and still haven’t got round to it.

Anyway, Leslie Nielsen proved that it’s possible to be funny even after your dead when his gravestone was unveiled this week. I’m not sure if it took Leslie Nielsen’s family over six months to organise the funeral or whether this was just the first time that pictures of the gravestone and site have been unveiled. In typical Leslie Nielsen ‘straight guy’ fashion, his gravestone features a fart joke, and perhaps a pun on the old R.I.P. tagline that’s featured on so many gravestones these days. And I guess throughout history as well? (anyone know when R.I.P. became a hip inscription to put on your gravestone?). Check it out below:

In case you can’t see it so well, it says ‘let ‘er rip.’ Oh Leslie Nielsen, you joker. The site of his gravestone also features this bench with the inscription ‘Sit down whenever you can,’ which is apparently a quote attributed to Leslie Nielsen himself but I don’t remember any of his characters saying it, or Leslie Nielsen himself saying it in real life. Still, I guess the Nielsen family probably know more about funny Leslie Nielsen quotes than I do, so I’ll give this one to them. I’m a big fan of sitting down too, so I dig the sentiments. Leslie Nielsen R.I.P. or rip.

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