This Is What Leo DiCaprio’s Ex Kendal Lee Is Up To Now That He’s Out The Picture

Regretting the breakup yet Leo?

It’s been nearly six years since Kendal Lee Shuler was dating Leonardo DiCaprio, but something tells me he’s going to reminisce about the good times after seeing what she’s been up to recently.

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The model was spotted on Bondi beach having a pretty standard time with her friends – swimming in the sea, hanging on the sand, the usual sort of thing. However, Kendal decided she was comfortable enough to take off her already revealing bikini, giving the cameramen who just happened to be close by a pretty decent eyeful.

kendal-lee-shuler kendal-lee-shuler-1 kendal-lee-shuler-2 kendal-lee-shuler-3

Well, that’s one way to get the media’s attention. Not that she needs it – it looks like she does a pretty good job of that herself.

I say that Leo’s going to miss her after seeing these pictures, although he’s currently dating another model, Nina Agdal and no doubt that after her, he’ll be dating another. Leo just loves his supermodels, and they love him too.


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