Christian Schallert lives in an empty cube situated in Barcelona. His apartment comes to life as he assembles and de-assembles each part of his house.

Christian Schallert is a photographer living in Barcelona with a liking of small spaces. His apartment is a mere 24 square meters in size and most of the time an empty cube. To use everyday things in his apartment such as his bed, dining table, kitchen or sofa, Christian has to build it. All of the stuff is already there, most of it just hiding behind panels and takes only a few minutes to assemble, which is what Christian says keeps him in shape.

Christian says he was inspired by boat living and that of small Japanese homes. This video shows him constructing and deconstructing his apartment, which is pretty amazing (I read that Christian has now moved out of this space after finding a girlfriend and realising that being a great bachelor pad, it’s definitely cramped when two people move in):



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