This LEGO Pompeii Replica Will Blow Your Mind

LEGO Pompeii

Undoubtedly the best LEGO replica we’ve ever featured.

We’re big fans of LEGO and LEGO replicas here at Sick Chirpse, and this one has literally blown our collective minds with the level of extraordinary detail that has been put into it. It might not be quite as good as that episode of The LEGO Wire from way back when though.

A guy called Ryan McKnight – who is aptly nicknamed The Brickman – spent a total of 472 hours building this replica of Pompeii – the Italian city famously decimated by the volcano Vesuvius in 79 AD – for Sydney University’s Nicholson Museum. The replica will be used to aid children studying Roman and ancient history.

It used 190,000 bricks and mixes details of how the city looked when it was covered in volcanic ash and how it looks today in its reconstructed state for tourists. Apparently Ryan also threw a Doctor Who and a TARDIS in there as an Easter Egg too. What a joker.

Check out some pictures of it – including the TARDIS – on the following slides.

LEGO Pompeii 1

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