Hardcore band’s main songwriter writes a hardcore song about Lego and then makes an awesome Lego video to accompany it.

Everyone loves Lego right? How could you not? All those different blocks and different scenarios they make up, and all the fun you have building the sets and then having little adventures with your little Lego men on them, it’s great right? Makes me want to bust out the old Ice Planet set right now. Or maybe pirates, that was always a good one.

Anyway, you probably don’t love Lego as much as Jay Mass from fast becoming legendary hardcore band Defeater. Well maybe he doesn’t love Lego that much but he was commissioned by Lego to write a hardcore song about Lego. So he must have some affection for the stuff at least, although at this point it’s slightly unclear who made the first move. I hope it was the guys at Lego. That would literally be the most nonsensical marketing strategy ever.

In any case, whoever started the whole idea Jay Mass certainly followed through. He wrote all the music to a 1 minute hardcore song about Lego, and then got some dude who owns record label Bridge 9 to do the vocals. And what have you got? A hardcore song about Lego that is actually pretty good. Lyrically it’s either genius or completely retarded – it depends how you look at it –  as Jay Mass uses Lego blocks to as a metaphor for building hardcore communities. I’m leaning towards genius.

But what makes this whole idea even better is that they didn’t stop there. For the music video they borrow a leaf out of the White Stripes’ book and decided to render it all in Lego. Only it’s a lot better than the White Stripes video as this time it’s a hardcore gig rendered in Lego. Yeah, a hardcore gig rendered in Lego. I didn’t think it was possible either but check it out below and be amazed. Lego Let’s Go!!

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