Legends of YouTube: The Angriest Guitarist in Liverpool

Who draws the crowd and plays so loud, baby it’s the guitar man…

If you love your music you will have been to your fair share of gigs, be it unsigned, stadium or even in your local boozer.  But don’t you find it a bit boring when musicians put on a fault free performance – superb lead and excellent rhythm can all be a bit samey. If you do, then the angriest guitarist in Liverpool is what you’ve been waiting for.

Well Liverpool is famed for its musical roots, and if you’re not in a band you may well play guitar as a hobby.  Welcome to the angriest guitarist in Liverpool.  Gone are the fault free finger picking skills of your iconic guitarist.  Instead we have some mad scouser twatting the fvck out of his guitar whilst constantly giving his instrument verbal abuse.  You may think his perseverance would pay off, but all it does is provide more wood for the fire.

So sit back and enjoy as the angriest guitarist in Liverpool plays Ghost of Love and Magic “Fvcking” Man.

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