Lecs Luther had some Sick Chirpse stickers all over his video for Dia Dhuit so we thought it was only right to catch up with the young chap from Ireland.

Lecs Luther is an Irish rapper from Dublin. Lecs recently posted his debut song ‘Dia Dhuit‘ on Youtube, receiving over 50,000 hits after just two weeks. We caught up with Lecs, who is currently living over in the states, for his first official interview.

SC. For everyone that doesn’t know you or your music, describe yourself in your own words.

LL. Well basically I’m a mischievous kid from dirty Dublin born and raised, but im out in America for a couple more months doing stuff other than music. For all the people who are trying to figure out who I am, and what I’m doing, well there’s not much to it but me and my sarcastic childish raps that I mostly write after a battered sausage and chips after a night out on the town. I’d say it all started when I was like 11 and I got on stage with Pharrell and sang the hook to rockstar in front of like 4 thousand people and danced on the stage like a rascal. Anyways ever since that experience I always knew deep down I’d be doing music. That feeling you get being in front of people is something thats really deadly.

SC. So why did you pick the name “Lecs Luther”? Do you see yourself as a superhero/villain of some sort?

LL. Yeah like Crimson Crusader! Nah of course not, I actually chose the name cause I’ve always loved cartoons and the alter egos attatched to them. When more is done you’ll hear the influence from cartoons and shows I watched as a little one. Also a few people have called me lecs the odd time so Alex Alecs Lecs etc. Sorry Lex Luger – you’re cool, big fan!

SC. Some say that you sound a lot like MF DOOM and Earl Sweatshirt – who are your influences?

LL. Yeah let me start off by saying I am influenced by Viktor/Doom. When I first heard that MM.. Food album and how he used his words I was like feck I wanna be that guy at 20 with the rhymes like strawberry pie. Earl sweatshirt, well after 5 minutes of listening to Earl you can’t help but notice how talented he is and the charisma he has for a 17 year old dude who looks like a Mandingo warrior. When I listened to Earl and Odd Future I was like ‘What? This Guy talking about Asher Roth and apple sauce?’ – he instantly won my approval. When people get the chance to listen and get to know me as a person they will see nothing more than a kid with a brain packed full of lyrics and the only thing me and Earl have in common is that I happened to shoot a scene in that silly video Dia Dhuit in a barber store while I was actually getting a haircut, but it is what it is. With time I’ll be the only fvcking Luther.

SC. Detractors pick on you for rapping in an American accent, what Irish elements could you bring to rap and hip hop respectively? Could there be potential for a new genre?

LL. Well to me it’s like an alter ego I have when I spit on a mic. It’s like all the influences from Prince to Vanilla Ice and Duke Ellington in one. Comes to play and kills the whole team, anyone who knows me knows that I’m a little Dubliner and thicker than anyone you probably know, but don’t be getting stressed on my voice guys you need to remember, it’s an alter ego sort of like an actor. I’m not rapping about my lifestory so therefore I can play the part of whoever I like. But on a different note you’ll be hearing plenty of my rotten voice in time.

SC. Your EP “Fish & Chips” is about to drop – what’s the next step for you musically?

LL. Well I hope it drops soon I got mad lazy and didn’t finish a bunch of things that would have completed the tape so I’m still working on that with my piglets, but not to worry you’ll be hearing dope music soon from me with some nice names for your owlones to nod too. The next step I hope is to hopefully get the chance to take it to a higher level and make nice music but still have fun with everything, cause at the end of the day I’m doing this a for fun and nothing more, oh and maybe a show or too could be fun.

SC. In one of your tracks you mentioned that you rapped about getting rich at age 6, what is it you’d like to achieve? What’s your dream?

LL. Well all I meant by that line is that like most people, I’ve always had dreams of doing things with my life. The life of sitting in a desk everyday coming home eating dinner up again blah blah has never interested me. I’ve always looked to creative formats for expressing myself and being that little bit different. Most of the people I know who are doing pretty much nothing besides going to school, smoking weed and having a few cans, well as nice as that is for some I want more than that cause you only live once, and I say that everyday, so everyone get out their and do what you want and laugh at the people that hold you back.

SC. The logo of Sick Chirpse was featured in your music video for ‘Dia Dhuit’ so I have to ask — what is the sickest chirpse you’ve ever pulled? What is the gutsiest thing you’ve gotten away with?

LL. Being me I couldn’t say half of the things on here for the sake of my life! But anyways, let’s talk about a bird or something, so I’d have to say some gorgeous Jennifer Lopez/Selina Gomez looking broad from Cyprus a year ago, she was cool besides the camel toe. So I was out in Cyprus, near a lavish hotel, so me and a few of the lads found a way into the spa of the hotel without being seen, anyway we got away with it for a week or so before being snitched on by some fella who looked like Alfred Hitchcock or something, anyways we got away with it like OJ Simpson.

Big ups Lecs Luther for the wise words. His EP ‘Fish And Chips’ is set to drop soon, in the mean time check his Youtube vids and his blog right here.



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