Lecs Luther features Sick Chirpse in his new rap video. Big.

Lecs Luther is obviously a bit of a sickhead and this is why: A couple of days ago somebody (I think one of Jayou’s mates) posted on the Sick Chirpse Facebook wall a picture of some black dude hanging out in front of a wall looking pretty brap with a Sick Chirpse sticker on the wall. I didn’t think much of it at the time – I mean the Sick Chirpse stickers are everywhere right? – but yesterday I found out that this wasn’t just any random brap hanging out in front of a wall, but this was hot new Irish rapper Lecs Luther, and that the picture was actually a still from his new music video.

At first I thought that Jayou might know Lecs Luther somehow or have mutual friends or something because he’s in that kind of scene but he said he didn’t at all. What’s even weirder is that Lecs Luther is from Dublin – pretty sure we have never sent any stickers to Dublin or really know anyone from Dublin (at least that still lives there or even knows about Sick Chirpse)….so the question is how the hell did Lecs Luther find out about Sick Chirpse?? And why did he want to feature it so prominently in his music video??

We tried to find Lecs Luther on twitter but he didn’t seem to have one (pretty unbelievable that Lecs Luther doesn’t have a twitter huh? I mean in this day and age everyone has one right? Especially famous rappers like Lecs Luther. If he’s really the next Tyler the Creator he’s gonna have to use twitter right?) or seem to have an official Facebook page or website – although he does have a Lecs Luther tumblr that isn’t updated that often – so I don’t know how to get in contact with him.

The video was shot in Brighton though which makes a bit more sense as I’m pretty sure I’ve stickered Brighton before but still, it’s pretty sweet that Lecs Luther thought it was cool enough to feature in his music video. The music video itself is pretty cool – it’s just Lecs Luther hanging out in Brighton with a fish eye lens eating fish and chips and walking down streets rapping and stuff. The production values are really good though and looking at a bunch of music blogs it looks like Lecs Luther is gonna be a pretty big name in the near future. The song is pretty sweet too – obviously everyone is comparing Lecs Luther to Tyler The Creator and Odd Future because he raps in an American accent but I think he’s got his own shit going on. If anyone knows how to contact Lecs Luther leave us a comment or hit us up at Enjoy the video below: Lecs Luther – Dia Dhuit



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