Learn To Play Guitar While You Piss

cool pee

Learn to play guitar while you piss. What’s better than that, apart from Christmas?

cool pee

If you’re shit at guitar then maybe you should book a flight to Sao Paulo because a bar there called Bar Aurora has recently installed pissers that let us guys compose an awesome solo as we relieve ourselves. The urinals were invented by a company with the most innovative name ever – Guitar Pee – and the way it works is, the urinal uses electronic tabs that are activated when piss hits the urinal, then pre-recorded guitar sounds are released. So, in a way, you could say the urinal is one massive fretboard. Except you don’t gnarly it up with your fingers, you use your fvcking dick instead.

So, if you piss like a horse then you can come up with some epic jazz shit and if you piss like a little baby then you’ll come up with some weak stuff that Keane would be proud of. Everybody’s a winner.

There’s also apparently a mobile app available that streams ‘MPee3s’ of previous piss performances…

Oh yeah, that guy above who’s doing a handstand while pissing is nothing to do with Guitar Pee. But it’s still pretty cool, though, right? I’d love to be able to do it but don’t think I could deal with my hand having to be on a floor that would inevitably be covered with piss.

Here’s a video about the musical urinal.

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gMGQHVkD3WU’]


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