The Leaked Trailer To The Cancelled Tremors TV Show Looks Completely Sick


How did this get cancelled?

Tremors is undoubtedly one of the most fun movies of the 90s and deservedly earned its status as a cult classic, as Kevin Bacon desperately tried to save his hick desert town from a pack of deadly killer underground worms or graboids. Great entertainment.

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The movie was such a success that it spawned quite a few sequels and spinoffs – some of which even featured Bacon himself – so it wasn’t really that much of a surprise when Syfy announced last summer that they were teaming up with Blumhouse Productions and going to make a TV show based around the franchise. Kevin Bacon took a break from those annoying EE phone adverts and decided to sing back up for it, and it looked like it was all go and going to be something very, very special.

What was a major surprise though was when about a month ago Syfy announced that they would no longer be continuing with the project. That was a major bummer, but it was even more of a major bummer when the trailer for the show leaked a couple of days ago and it no joke looked completely and utterly sick. Get a load of this:

I mean honestly when there is so much crap on television how is that not getting at least one season to see how people react? It looks completely and utterly dope and they’ve probably already spent more money on it than the entirety of the budget of the first Tremors show.

People would definitely watch it and it seems dumb to not go forward with it when it looks as banging as that. A bunch of fans have started a petition in the hopes of getting Netflix’s attention though, so never say never. Fingers crossed.

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