Leaked Footage Shows Dog Almost Drown While Being Forced To Shoot Movie Scene

Dog Drowning A Dog's Purpose

It’s hard to watch.

In the movie business, they say that you should never work with children or animals, but maybe animals shouldn’t bother ever working with humans judging on the evidence of this next video.

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It shows leaked footage from upcoming movie ‘A Dog’s Purpose’ and is pretty much full on animal cruelty. In it, one of the dogs being used for the movie is being forced to shoot a scene involving a raging river rapid that has been recreated using 8 outboard motors.

The dog clearly doesn’t want to get into the water to film it, but is eventually forced by staffers on set. Once in the water, it doesn’t get any better for the dog as it starts to drown almost immediately and ends up fully submerged underwater:

That’s a difficult watch isn’t it? Those two assholes laughing about the dog and its handlers at the start hardly do themselves any favours there.

I suppose you can argue that there are two people in the water with the dog when it’s eventually pushed in so it’s going to be safe no matter what (or you would at least hope so), but the question really is whether or not this dog should even be in that position in the first place. I’m guessing now most people have seen behind the scenes, the answer is a firm “no.”

Do us a favour and don’t go and see this movie when it’s released. Maybe that will stop animal cruelty in the movie industry or at least slow it down a bit. We can but hope.

Check out this footage of dogs in water in a much happier time – it’s a bunch of dogs enjoying their own pool party. No fear of drowning right there.


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