Le Grand Content: Why, How And What?

This video will open your brain with it’s moving Venn diagrams and majestic arrows.

Why How Why?

Internet videos.

Some of them you stop half way through due to boredom or oftentimes nausea.

Some you will watch all the way through, then move on.

On rarer occasions you may even click on the “like” button, or push the boat out and “share” it with another nitwit you think might enjoy it.

Well the following video has sucked me back to watch it time and time again, like it has some sort of voodoo troll curse over me.

The premise is a vague Micky take of PowerPoint over usage and retarded news visuals, but somehow it opens your brain a smidgen with it’s snazzy graphs and majestic arrows. Everyone loves Venn diagrams and Pie charts don’t they? When you see a Venn diagram moving of it’s own accord, that’s when things start to get exciting. This short film was made by Austrians Clemens Kogler and Karo Szmit and is a great watch, if mostly a load of babble, spark up that zute and get thinking:

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