Company Comes Up With Genius Solution For People Who Are Lazy In Bed

Lazy Lover

For the bored couple that just can’t face making love any more.

It’s something that you all hear about – as you grow into married life you just don’t have sex anymore, either because you don’t have time or you just don’t even find your lover attractive anymore.

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Fortunately there’s now a solution to this problem in the form of the Lazy Lovers auto thrusting hydraulic girdle, so you can still have sex without putting in any effort whatsoever. You could even do something else whilst you’re doing it like read a book or catch up on television or something – it’s that easy.

Check out all the details on it below:

OK so that’s very obviously fake, but in reality it’s probably a pretty good idea for a lot of married couples who spend all day working and not enough time actually enjoying each other’s company. Obviously it’s kind of pathetic if you did buy something like that, but maybe this advert will serve as a stark reminder that it’s important to actually pay attention to your loved one and shag each other once in a while. Here’s hoping that’s what actually happens, and nobody ends up buying this shit.

The best thing about it was the clean coal technology powering it via Bluetooth. Or maybe the fact that it didn’t actually fit in the dishwasher because it was too big – a lot of nice touches in that advert that really did make me lol for once. Fair play.

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