Latoya Jackson Claims Her Brother WAS A Paedophile In Chilling 1993 Interview Footage (VIDEO)


Despite the overwhelming and insanely detailed testimonies of his victims, many people are still suggesting that Michael Jackson is innocent and never actually abused any little boys.

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Let’s ignore the fact that he paid out massive sums of money to shut up his victims years ago – I  understand why some people would still be skeptical of the victims and their stories especially now that Michael isn’t here to defend himself.

But when your own flesh and blood sister is on camera in 1993 talking about how you’re a paedo and how we should listen to the victims, he becomes a little harder to defend:

Latoya has never repeated those comments and has refused to address the interview since she gave it. But I’d say it’s not a great look for Michael Jackson and those who still support him when his own sister is talking about him being a paedophile 25 years ago.

I mean she seems like a bit of an oddball herself, but even she knows that a 35-year-old man choosing to hang out exclusively with 7 year olds is a giant red flag in itself.

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Wonder if they’ll be taking down those ‘Michael Jackson is innocent’ adverts around London now?


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