Landlord Breaks Into Tenant’s Home To Find It Destroyed Beyond Recognition (VIDEO)


Pigs masquerading as humans.

While being a landlord would be a great job in many respects, there’s always the worry that your tenants turn out to be pigs that absolutely destroy your property.

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Unfortunately, that was the case for the unnamed man who uploaded this video onto LiveLeak. Here’s what he had to say:

This was my house torn up by a complete slob. Her kids were in training. They did what mommy taught them: Don’t clean, never take garbage out, live in harmony with a massive rodent population, drink alcohol in excess, smoke cigarettes at a young age, throw your garbage in your closet so the mice have something to eat, tear the yard up, break doors, put holes in the wall, pick through garbage for junk and bring home, never wash clothes, just throw on floor when dirty and get new ones at the goodwill. And especially… never call the landlord when the roof leaks! And on top of all that, she had a young child living in it. garbage cans all around house full of garbage, never taken to the curb.

And here’s the damage:

It’s kind of unbelievable that anyone could live in that state without getting sick. There’s not one corner that isn’t covered in filth, maggots and mouse shit. You’ve got to feel for that guy and for the next landlord this woman decides to abuse.

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