Lacrosse Player Gets Obliterated With Double 2-In-1 Knockout Blow

Gnarliest Knockout

Lacrosse is a dangerous sport.

When you think of lacrosse, I’m fairly sure most of the people in this country only have experience through the first American Pie movie where it kind of looked a bit like a pussy sport because Ostreicher played it, but in reality it’s pretty tough.

The balls are hard as nails and every now and then the players just smack each other like in ice hockey. Sometimes those two killer shots come together to create one of the gnarliest knockouts in history.

It went down over the weekend in the game between Saskatchewan Rush and the Calgary Roughnecks. Rush attacker Zack Greer took a punch to the head from  Roughnecks defender Scott Carnegie and then, well, just you wait, but it’s definitely going to leave a mark.

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Oof. Now that is a knockout. Imagine getting punched in the face so hard you were falling down and then ON THE WAY DOWN AS YOUR HELMET FALLS OFF getting clocked smooth as you like in the face with a rock hard lacrosse ball that had just been pelted at you. Kinda wish the video was longer so we could see how long it took him to get up, because I bet it wasn’t quick.

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